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I Want To Be A Madison

Membership to The Madison is presented on an invitation only basis. The Board of Directors reviews all applications and letters of recommendation before notifying prospective members their invitation of admittance, or deferral for membership.

Membership starts the first of every new year. New member class is decided upon returning quota of active Madison members, surpassing no more than 100 active women.


Please note that although these are strict application requirements, The Madison Board has the authority to review any prospective membership concerns on a case by case instance. Contact our Membership Directors if you believe you may have a conflict of interest, or with any questions.

Minimum Requirements 

  • Possess a minimum 4 year college degree 

  • Live in the greater Washington, D.C. area

  • Between the ages of 21 and 30 

  • Have never been married 

  • Attend a minimum of two prospective member events

  • Receive 2 letters of recommendation from active members


The Madison of Washington D.C welcomes young women as members, in accordance with our bi-laws, without regard to race, religion, national origin, disability, political affiliation, or other characteristics protected by applicable law. All application information is deemed confidential and will only be shared with our Board of Directors.


Prospective Member Process

Each year, The Madison hosts a series of 4 open invitation events starting in September and ending in December. At the completion of these events, an application is sent to all interested  prospective members. Women must submit the detailed application, including an updated resume to be considered.

Deadline for next application is 12/13/2020

Qualities of A Madison

Wondering if you would make a good Madison? Typically our members join as a way to grow their network within the greater D.C area. Weather you recently moved,  just graduated college, seeking new friendships and leadership opportunities, or looking to expand your reach within the community, The Madison has a home for you.


We take pride in being a truly diverse and inclusive organization. Our women are young professional leaders within their respective fields. Members hold themselves to the highest standards when it comes to character, dignity and social responsibility. Once a member of The Madison, you represent our organization every day.

We understand the time commitment it takes to get involved, so we honor members ability to attend events on a non-mandatory basis. With that being said, you get out of The Madison what you give. With events almost weekly, and friendships formed that last a lifetime, you have the opportunity to define what impact The Madison has on your life. The women who seek to foster connections and get involved thrive the most in our organization.